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Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution free essay sample

Father of detective work, Sherlock Holmes and father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, can be compared and contrasted in Nicholas Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution. Sherlock Holmes can be identified as one of the most brilliant fictional characters of the 19th century period. As a â€Å"consulting detective†, he uses his extraordinary abilities and logical reasoning to solve some of the most difficult cases. Equally as brilliant in his field, Sigmund Freud is identified in the novel as a neurologist that extensively studies the human mind and behavior. Both Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud share many similarities in Meyer’s novel. One obvious parallel is each character’s remarkable abilities in their profession. In chapter IV Holmes does an impressive analysis of the Dr. Freud and surprises everyone after using clues to identify many of the Dr. ’s personal and professional characteristics. Freud’s intelligence is likewise showcased when he is able to reveal the underlying cause of Holmes’ addiction to cocaine in the last paragraph of the story. We will write a custom essay sample on Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Another similarity is that both characters are loners. Other than Dr. Watson, Holmes does not trust or allow others in his life. As for Dr. Freud, he is excluded from society and colleagues due to his radical ideas and methods of work. Both characters also happen to smoke Tobacco. For Holmes it was â€Å"huge amounts of shag†, during his cases whereas Freud would indulge in cigars. Although both Holmes and Freud shared many similarities, they also have many differences. A prominent difference derives from the antagonist, Cocaine. In the novel, Holmes is clearly addicted to cocaine when Meyer writes, â€Å"but as for help, you must put it out of your minds, all of you. I am in the grip of this devilish malady and it will consume me! † As for Dr. Freud, all though he was addicted at one point, he is the one that discovered the drug and was able to break free from its control. Another difference is that Holmes is not married and Freud is. Examples of this can be found when the author makes it clear that Holmes has no interest to be married due to death of his mother stemming from her betrayal. As for Freud, he can be portrayed as being happily married when reading, â€Å"Dr. Freud seized his wife round waist and began to waltz her about the dining-room†¦Ã¢â‚¬  One more difference is the plain fact that Holmes is a detective and Freud is a psychiatrist. Although they may use similar techniques, their professions differ in many ways. Furthermore, Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud share many similarities in the methods they use professionally. Both characters involve cocaine in their careers. For Holmes, he used it when a case was not interesting enough, and for Freud cocaine was â€Å"more or less a sideline and not directly related to his present researches. † Each character is also very detail oriented in the way they execute their work. Holmes pays attention to very subtle clues to gather information, whereas Freud pays close attention to his patient’s reactions and behavior. Lastly, they both use education immensely in their field of work. For the detective, he relies on physics and chemistry when analyzing his clues, and for the psychiatrist, he involves neurology along with other sciences in his studies. Equally, Holmes and Dr. Freud also share many differences in their professional methods. A visible difference is that Sherlock uses a magnifying glass when working and Sigmund relies greatly on his stop watch when preforming on patients. An example is provided with Freud stops Holmes’ compulsion temporarily when using the stop watch to hypnotize him. Unlike Holmes who relies on investigating outdoors for much of his work, Freud mainly works indoors at his study. This is evident when Holmes does his analysis on Freud and reveals much of the time and dedication he spends in his study. Lastly, another professional difference between them is that Sherlock operates with a partner, Dr. Watson, whereas Sigmund works alone. In the end, Sherlock Holmes and Sigmund Freud have many parallels and differences both individually and professionally in Nicholas Meyer’s The Seven-Per-Cent Solution.

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E Coli essays

E Coli essays Canada's E. Coli Epidemic Claims Fifth Victim 1:44 p.m. ET (1744 GMT) May 26, 2000 WALKERTON, Ontario (Reuters) - A fifth person died on Thursday in what may be Canada's biggest E. coli epidemic, as police and health officials were set to decide whether to launch a criminal investigation into the outbreak. Dr. Murray McQuigge, the area's chief medical officer, said the outbreak in the mainly agricultural community of Walkerton, Ontario, could have been prevented, and accused the local Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of ignoring the results of its own tests on Thursday, May 18, which he said established the town's water was unsafe. He said 10 people, including four children, remained in a critical condition, struck down by bacteria in the town's water system. An infant and three adults died from E. coli complications on Wednesday. At least 500 people have been infected in Walkerton, a town of 5,000 people about two hours drive northwest of Toronto. Dr. James Cairns, deputy chief cor oner for the province of Ontario, said his department wants an inquest into the deaths. ''We are concerned about public safety,'' he said. "We want to know how the contamination occurred, how it was managed and how people died.'' It is believed the water may have been contaminated by manure washed into the system by recent heavy rains. "There may well be more people who will die. I think we could have prevented all these deaths,'' McQuigge told a news conference, adding that new cases could emerge as late as Monday as the bacteria can have an incubation period of up to 10 days before symptoms appear. McQuigge said he would meet with health and provincial police officials on Friday to try to decide where blame for deaths is to be laid. "There is probably going to be a criminal investigation,'' he said. Walkerton residents were outraged as news spread that it is possible that the tragedy could have been prevented. A local radio chat show host ranted: "What do...

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Consummate Does Not Mean Commensurate

Consummate Does Not Mean Commensurate Consummate Does Not Mean Commensurate Consummate Does Not Mean Commensurate By Maeve Maddox The following comment by a professional journalist set me wondering if I had the wrong idea about the meaning of the adjective consummate: Bernie Sanders is talking real issues. The pundits that are giving Bernie Sanders a bit of coverage, though not consummate to the crowds he is attracting, are noting the authenticity of his prose. The adjective consummate [kun-SUM-it] and the verb consummate [KAHN-suh-mate], come from Latin words having to do with completion. The adjective derives from classical Latin consummÄ tus, â€Å"lacking nothing, complete, perfect.† The verb is from classical Latin consummÄ t-, past participial stem of consummÄ re, â€Å"to add up, make up, to bring to an end, finish off, to complete, finish, to achieve, accomplish, to perfect.† A â€Å"consummate liar† is one who is extremely accomplished in the telling of falsehoods. â€Å"To consummate a marriage† is to complete it with sexual union. â€Å"To consummate a business deal† is to complete such arrangements as signing contracts and transferring deeds. Try as I may, I cannot stretch any of these meanings to fit the context of the quotation given above. An adjective that would fit the context is commensurate [kuh-MEN-suh-rit or kuh-MEN-shuur-it], a word that comes from Latin commensuratus: com (together) + mensurare (to measure). The writer’s meaning is that the coverage of the speaker is not in proportion to the size of the crowds he attracts. The coverage and the crowds â€Å"do not measure up,† that is, the coverage â€Å"is not commensurate† with the crowds. A web search indicates that the error is not unique to the person who wrote the example that prompted this post: INCORRECT: Your high turnover rates are due to the fact that the amount of work demanded is not consummate to the pay offered.   CORRECT : Your high turnover rates are due to the fact that the amount of work demanded is not commensurate with the pay offered.   INCORRECT: The point Waddle was trying to make was Beckham’s ability was not consummate to his fame. CORRECT : The point Waddle was trying to make was Beckham’s ability was not commensurate with his fame. INCORRECT: The amount of money being run by on-the-ground event-driven managers in Europe is not consummate to the size of the market. CORRECT : The amount of money being run by on-the-ground event-driven managers in Europe is not commensurate with the size of the market. INCORRECT: AGL [Australian energy provider]cautions against proposals that will result in a significant cost imposition on ACT electricity consumers that is not consummate to the benefits provided. CORRECT : AGL [Australian energy provider]cautions against proposals that will result in a significant cost imposition on ACT electricity consumers that is not commensurate with the benefits provided. Used as an adjective, consummate means â€Å"complete† or â€Å"perfect.† It is usually followed by the noun it qualifies: â€Å"consummate actor,† â€Å"consummate politician,† etc. The adjective commensurate, â€Å"corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree,† is conventionally followed by with (not to). Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Misused Words category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Useful Stock Phrases for Your Business Emails"Wracking" or "Racking" Your Brain?â€Å"Least,† â€Å"Less,† â€Å"More,† and â€Å"Most†

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Warfare about Product Life Cycle Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Warfare about Product Life Cycle - Essay Example Meaning and Concept of marketing Warfare The term ‘Warfare’ is often used within the marketing, which can also be reflected in the different crucial strategies of marketing. The literary meaning of Warfare is related with the strategies and tactics used by armed forces at the time of war for the purpose of getting victory over its enemies. The term warfare represents some of the crucial and aggressive strategies implied for the purpose of countering some crucial competition provided by the competitors and enemies at the time of war. In direction to this, the disposition of warfare can also be aligned with the marketing activities undertaken by the business organization (Roney 2004). The implication of different crucial Wartime strategies and tactics in the marketing for the purpose of countering some crucial and intensive competition provided by competitors is known as marketing warfare. Marketing Warfare includes different strategies and tactics implied by the originati on for the purpose of establishing compatibility within business and warfare. Moreover, it also opens a window for the effective application of different principles of military strategy in the business situations, so that an effective solution of intensive competition prevailing within the market place. As in contemporary scenario, the nature and disposition of business environment has been changed quite significantly. Due to heavy competition, market place have become a battle field in which, different competitors are fighting for saving their existence in this tough business environment (Orcullo 2008). In context to this, for the purpose of winning this battle, like war, business organizations are required to... This paper tresses that Product Life Cycle is one of the major concepts in the field of marketing, which will be quite helpful for the business organization in formulating some of the crucial strategic objective. In direction to this, the paper has shaded some of the crucial lights over marketing warfare regarding different stages of product development. On the basis of the in-depth review of different findings, it can be concluded that product life cycle of a product reveals different stage right from its introduction to its decline. In different stages there are different conditions and situations can be faced by the business organization. For the purpose of being successful within the existing market place, it becomes quire essential for the management of the organization to undertake some of the crucial strategic steps in the context of addressing different type of external environmental problems and issues. This report makes a conclusion that there is different warfare marketing strategies associated with the different stages of product life cycle. In relation to this, such different warfare allows the organization to have long term success and sustainability within existing market place. For a business organization it is quite essential to understand and elaborate such crucial strategic measures so that desired success can be attained in the most effective manner. Right selection of strategies at the right time of time is the key of success for the organization and above discussed warfare about PLC allows the organizations to do so effectively and efficiently.

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GED 132 - US Govt-unit 1 question #3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

GED 132 - US Govt-unit 1 question #3 - Essay Example The greatest contribution of this era in changing the role of the government vis-Ã  -vis the people of America was the New Deal. This was introduced by the then president of the United States of America, Franklin Roosevelt. The New Deal led to a lot of new legislations that helped get the people back on their feet after the stock market crash of 1929 that had spiraled into the Great Depression. This included, during the first hundred days of the year 1933, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, a program that was supposed to enable unemployed people to receive a certain amount of money that would help them through the lean period that the Great Depression gave rise to. The period following this was one of great productivity as the government set people to work on many projects of infrastructure improvement that led to the creation of more jobs in a chain reaction that further boosted the process of recovery (Government by the People). The providing of jobs to people who were u nemployed also helped dispel the myth that poverty was an essential result of idleness and laziness. As a result of the New Deal, poverty came to be recognized as an effect of governmental policies and greater macroeconomic pressures. Another important contribution of the Great Depression was the creation of a social security net that would cover sections of the populations that had been marginalized and had been undergoing great hardships during the Great Depression. This covered the unemployed, the aging and the disabled. Through the years, this program has been expanded to include the survivors of the beneficiaries who were dependants but has essentially catered to the needs of the helpless (Government by the People). The era following the Great Depression helped create a framework whereby the people who occupied the margins of the society owing to their cultural and economic deprivations had opportunities to

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By Using the Structural Functionalist Approach Essay Example for Free

By Using the Structural Functionalist Approach Essay Rule by the people is what a democracy is made of, this might be achieved by having the party in power elected into office into office by the majority, the term democracy and the practice itself is diverse in each country but it has similar features which characterize all forms. This essay explains the impact or contributions of political parties in a Liberal Democracy using the Structural functionalist Approach. It will also converse the important roles that these political parties play in every political structure, specifically in Zambia. To start with, it will explain what the terms Liberal, Liberal Democracy and Political Parties are; it will also explain the Structural functionalist Approach. Thereafter, the works and critiques of having Political parties will later be discussed. According to Emerson (1920), Liberal is that mind or attitude which wills to understand and respect other people`s behavior, opinions it implies vigorous convictions, tolerance for the opinions of others and a persistent desire for sound progress, Democracy is Rule by the people, especially as a form of government; either directly, as in Ancient Greece, or through elected representatives as in many modern societies (representative democracy). Franà §ois (1998). Therefore Liberal Democracy refers to a broad array of related ideas and theories of government that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal. Partridge, 1866). A political party According to Schlesinger (1992) is a group organized to gain control of government in the name of the group by winning election to public office. The Structural functionalist Approach is an approach that studies, analyses and views structures and systems in any social setting with regards to the role or functions they play in the development of any society. A political party being a structure in a political system has a vital role or function it plays in society. A liberal democracy may take various constitutional forms: it

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Chaucers Canterbury Tales - Comparing the Millers Tale and the Reeves Tale :: comparison compare contrast essays

Comparing the Miller's Tale and the Reeve's Tale  Ã‚      In the conclusion between the Miller's Tale and the Reeve's Tale, the Reeve's Tale is far more insulting and malicious and convincingly closer to the true definition of quiting, then the Miller's Tale. The Reeve's Tale defines what trickery and evildoing and cuckolding is. The Miller's Tale is more of a tale dealing with a form of black 'humor and slapstick comedy, rather than a succession of put-downs which occurred in the Reeve's Tale.   Ã‚  Ã‚   In the Miller's Tale, we see many insults directed towards bow ignorant the man was in choosing the right wife for marriage. He picks out an eighteen year old bombshell, named Allison and John, the carpenter, who marries her says:   Ã‚  Ã‚   This carpenter had married a new wife Not long before, and loved her more than life. She was a girl of eighteen years of age. Jealous he was and kept her in the cage, For he was old and she was wild and young; He thought himself quite likely to be stung.   Not only are their ages apart, but they share no similarities in their lifestyles, pointing to the fact that he is a dimwitted fool. (MiLT 89)   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The other quiting of the Reeve in the Miller's Tale is when, once   again, the carpenter is portrayed as a dullard by being totally oblivious to the situation; Allison, his wife, and a man named Nicholas, a man known locally for making love in secret, (which was his talent), are trying to have sexual laissons behind John's back. (MiLT 91). They get John to believe that a great flood, worse than Noah's is coming, and will destroy all of them. This fool by believeing this tale and following them with the preparations protects himself, even though no flood of any sort arises. This is the ultimat act of stupidity! The Reeve's Tale about the Miller is a perfect example of evil and trickery at it's best. The part being that in the end, the trickster becomes tricked over and over againt but the tables turn and the Miller is the real loser having lost his stolen flour and to add insult to injury, he finds out that his wife and daughter have been cuckolded especially after all the jargon about the following:   Ã‚  Ã‚   In order to have Simpkins his relation, The nuns had given her an education.