Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Philippine Education from Past to Present

Education From Past to Present Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are translated from one generation to another. Filipinos have been through different changes in economic and social aspect. We are taught on our Philippine History the colonization of Philippines from powerful countries such as Spain, Japan, and America.We credit some Filipino lifestyle to them, most especially to Americans who taught us to be wise and introduce some basic learning ideas. During the Pre-Colonial Era, the educators were the Babaylan and Katalonan who both looked upon the society possessing wisdom and knowledge on spiritual practice. The type of education that was taught to the people was based on beliefs and spiritual practice. When Spaniards came, it was the most tragic century ever recorded in Philippine History.Although during their time, they implemented a systematic and institutionalized kind of education. We suffered gre at grievances from them. After three hundred and thirty-three years, here comes the Americans and saved us from the hand of Spaniards by treaty of Paris. The establishment of the system of education in the United States of America in the Philippines was under the context of a wide collective struggle to topple down the marks of colonialism left by colonizers.Meanwhile, the Americans established and administered how schools and colleges like Siliman University. Nothing has much changed during the Japanese colonization. Since the American system of education still prevailed. If I compare the educational system before and today, there is a lot of difference. It is more productive and technology makes it easy, but we should not forget the Educational system before, because it win always be part of our life and it made a big help until now.

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